Already regarded as on亚博app怎么下载「国际领导品牌」夜网world’s most pollute

ted cities, Jakarta, a city of more than 10 million people, is also one of the most congested.

In his address to parliament, Jokowi said: “A capital city is not just a symbol of nati亚博app怎么下载「国际领导品牌」夜网女神会所

onal identity, but also a representation of the progress of the nation.”

亚博app怎么下载「国际领导品牌」夜网He did not give the exact location in Kalimantan for the new city. It is a region with a

population of just over 16 million people and known for rainforests and orangutans.亚博app怎么下载「国际领导品牌」夜网

Widodo toured Kalimantan in May to survey potential sites.

亚博app怎么下载「国际领导品牌」夜网女神会所Kyle Springer, a senior analyst with the Perth USAsi

a Centre at the University of Western Australia, said from an infrastruc

ture perspective, Jokowi’s push to move the national capital to Kalimantan is “interesting”.亚博app怎么下载「国际领导品牌」夜网

“It is a less developed part of Indonesia where there are a number of infrastructure gaps,” the analyst said.

亚博app怎么下载「国际领导品牌」夜网女神会所An archipelago comprising nearly 17,000 islands, Indonesia has a population of mor

e than 270 million, mostly concentrated on the islands of Java and Sumatra.

A question mark has been hanging over the future of Jakarta as the nation’s capital for decades.亚博app怎么下载「国际领导品牌」夜网

Heri Andreas, a lecturer and researcher with the faculty of Eart

亚博app怎么下载「国际领导品牌」夜网女神会所h Science and Technology and the Institute of Technology Bandung, Ind

onesia, said Kalimantan was chosen because of its central location in the archipelago.

He said the new capital will probably be the political capital of the country while th亚博app怎么下载「国际领导品牌」夜网

e economic and commercial activities will remain on Java, at least for the time being.

He said Jakarta will be the “central economic city” of Indonesia.亚博app怎么下载「国际领导品牌」夜网女神会所

“I don’t see Jakarta being left behind after the new capital is established,” he said.