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National development and reform commission (NDRC)

  CCTV network news:The national development and reform commission held a

press conference today, the news spokesman Meng Wei said when it comes to t

he employment situation of the country, at present the national employment situation “, “” change”.

  In 2018, the new jobs in cities and towns of up to 13.61 million people, to an all-

time high, 6 years in a row to achieve more than 13 million new jobs in cities an

d towns, the town of investigation unemployment rate also remain at low lev

els.At the same time, the complicated external environment and mixed in change, change in the economic running st

ability, downward pressure, the pressure will also conduct a certain extent to the field of e

mployment.Countries will adhere to the implementation of the employment policy priorities, increased taxation, fin

ance, land and other aspects of policy support, strengthen vocational skills training and employment ent

repreneurship services, more measures and increase employment work.

  In addition, in view of the “Internet sector layoffs” put forward by the media, Meng Wei also responded.

  , a spokesman for the national development and reform commission Me

ng Wei: “we also noticed that, since the second half of last year, appeared so

me reports about the Internet sector layoffs.Recently, we carried out research in a number of ways, including to the en

terprise to carry on the discussion, and carries on the discussion about industry research.Learned from, Internet rec

ruitment and employment of enterprise overall is more stable, no large layoffs.”